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Below you will find the most current calendar with any changes. Please check your e-mail first - I will send an announcement by e-mail right away if class is canceled. You may also look at the YAMS Facebook page for the most current updates as well. 

Fall Registration is OPEN: 
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NOTE TO GROWING WITH MUSIC FAMILIES:  I am going to be reworking the Growing curriculum to include 1) new bird list and 2) new craft list for 2017-18.  We will be using the same CD/book packet and add some new songs.  We will call this the "B" year of the Growing curriculum and will go back to the "A" year in 2018-19
Special documents to view & print: 

"Success in the YAMS Classroom" (PDF) 

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Julia's Favorites: a Book/CD/music list for holiday and birthday gift-giving ideas! (Share this link with grandparents!)

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