Piano Partners & piano Lessons


Classes and lessons for children Ages 6 1/2 to 9 years

Piano Partners:  

Keyboard I ~ Ages 6 1/2 - 9 & parent (for part of the class)

Piano Partners: Keyboard I is a new program as part of Young Artists Music Studio. The curriculum includes games, songs, focused listening, learning the piano, writing pages, game cards, CDs, etc. Music literacy is the goal and this class is designed to teach children to hear and play the beloved song repertoire learned through the early years of YAMS. These lessons follow a sequential approach to piano and musical notation is taught through the classroom books.  

Parents play an important role in establishing good practice habits and attend all classes. (Don’t worry if you don’t know piano—you will learn along with your child!) Consistent, supervised at-home practice on a tuned piano or keyboard (chosen by families) is required and essential for success (5 days per week, 15 - 20 minutes per day). 

Family Activities and Materials:

  • 1 listening and 1 practice CD, workbook, 10 sets games cards, parent guidebook

Class times: 14 classes, each 40-minute lessons

Materials/Registration: $60

Tuition: $280 ($20 each session for  semi-private lesson with 2 students)

Helpful pre-requisite: Around the World class. There are 3 years with Levels I-IV folders of Piano Partners.

Private Piano Lessons: Beginning & intermediate for Ages 6 - 12

30-minute lessons: $30.00 per lesson payable per month September through May

45-minute lessons: $45.00 per lesson payable per month September through May

Home piano or keyboard tuned to A 440 needed. No headphones at home, please. Yes, we want to hear playing and singing each day at home.