Voice & Piano Lessons


Private or Group Voice Lessons for ages 10-16, girls & boys changing voice


  • Designed for singers with previous instrumental experience (piano and/or violin) & music reading experience
  • Gentle, age-appropriate lessons teaching natural sound production, diction, breathing, posture, and range development/tracking.
  • 45-minute private lessons: 15 minutes of technique and 30 minutes of song learning
  • Small group lessons: 75 minute lessons with 3 or 4 students
  • Repertoire of folk songs, classical songs, and musical theatre that is age-appropriate
  • Practice of 5 days a week is expected

  • Group classes are part of the regular semester and may be used as the lesson for the week. 

  • Accompanists fees are extra.

Piano Lessons

  • Beginners (ages 6 and older) are welcomed for 30 minute lessons. Intermediate and older students can take 45-minute lessons.
  • Classical repertoire with proven methodologies used: Scales, music theory, etc. 
  • Supplementary instruction is part of the program.
  • Group classes are part of the regular semester.


Payment is due the first lesson of each month. 
A $25.00 fee is charged when payment is late.

An initial interview is part of the process. It is understood that when a student takes piano, the whole family takes piano. It is a family commitment, and practice 5 days a week is expected.


Registration form (PDF)

Please contact the director for more information: 

Julia J. White, MM, 383-3162, yamsjulia@gmail.com

Music/books cost: tbd by teacher