The basics of Young Artists Music Studio include:

  • Singing and Speaking
  • Moving to Music
  • Refining Listening Skill
  • Playing Instruments
  • Instrument Identification
  • Pitch and Rhythm Matching
  • Dramatic Play
  • Group and Partner Music Games
  • Parent-Child Interaction
  • Reading and Writing Music (older youth classes) 

Using a variety of instruments:

  • drums
  • bells
  • sticks
  • egg shakers
  • tambourines
  • triangles
  • wood block


My name is Julia White, and I have been teaching music in the Valley for over 28 years. I have a passion for watching children develop their musical ability as well as encouraging movement and incorporating elements of nature into my workshops.

Children learn best when active and engaged, and it is very important to me to incorporate a lot of kinesthetic activity while nurturing each child's love of music. It is a joy to watch a child grow from year to year and build their love and knowledge of musical language.

As a community-oriented studio, YAMS aspires to promote the positive values of music by bringing families, neighbors, and friends together, inspiring all to embrace the gift of music. Children and parents will feel they are part of something especially remarkable!

Classes are paced according to age and include singing, dancing, instruments, partner games, circle games, pitch matching, and parent-child interaction.

Read below to learn more about my approach and class descriptions of all the classes I have offered through the Young Artists Music Studio.

I hope you will join our family at YAMS!

***Many sources are drawn upon for class content, such as Kindermusik and Musikgarten curricula, books by John Feierabend of Hartt University and other scholarly research. The classes are singing based and use classical and folk music from around the world. Families leave classes invigorated, happy, and singing!***

Core Classes - Descriptions

(please note, the list of current available classes is here)


Prenatal Babies Class **NEW**
This class uses the prenatal curriculum, Lovenotes, designed by Sister Lorna Zemke of Silver Lake College, Wisconsin. Each session incorporates music, rhythm, and singing. Included are activities promoting bonding and early exposure to music. The tender classes will feature rhythmic exercises, the use of megaphones, singing, and gentle movement with one or both expectant parents. *Class needs a minimum enrollment to run. Contact Julia for more info.


Musical Babies
(Birth - 16 months & Parent)
This class focuses on the cognitive, social, and emotional development that begins in the newborn's first days and months of life. Teacher and parents join together in stimulating their baby's growth through singing and bouncing, joyful play, and dancing. The instructor shares information about baby brain development and language development. 12 classes in a semester.




Musical Beginnings
(Ages 1 1/2 - 3 1/2 & Parent)
Each child and parent experience the beginnings of joyful, independent music making. Song activities include dancing with scarves, rolling balls, partner games, dancing and singing with hula hoops, playing instruments (sticks, bells, shaker eggs, drums), and gentle rocking. Observation and participation are the child's way of first learning. A home tape and book assist in the family's learning outside class. "Let's do it again!" is the child's favorite phrase. 12 classes in a semester.

*** NOTE: There are four separate curricula for the Musical Beginnings classes. Although there are some seasonal songs repeated from year to year (holiday, seasons), there are four separate sets of songs with CD/book that go with each curriculum. Here are the names of the semesters:

  •     Sing with Me
  •     Dance with Me
  •     Play with Me
  •     Clap with Me

Growing with Music
(Ages 3 1/2 - 5 & Parent)
The child becomes more independent in singing and moving, and parents take the cues from the child. Beginning ensemble work, partner songs with movement, working with listening cards, and songs with directions challenge the child to listen, sing, dance, and act. A craft is assigned every week for home enjoyment often incorporating nature and the environment. The home tape, book, and listening cards are fun activities to do at home with the family! Many and varied instruments are used in this class as well. A bird lesson, including hearing bird calls, is studied every other week. 12 classes in a semester.



YAMS History

YAMS, formerly Kindermusik, was founded in 1989 by Julia J. White. In the past 27 years Ms. White has offered:

  • Musical Babies (Birth - 16 months)
  • Musical Beginnings (1 1/2 - 3 1/2 years old) 

  • Growing with Music (3/2 - 5 years old)

  • Music for the Young Child (5 - 6 years old)

  • "God's Children Sing!" (Birth - 5 years old)  

  • Specialized Summer classes

  • Music Workshops

  • Music Workshops for preschool teachers

  • Pipe Organ Festival for young children

  • Summer Music Camps

  • Special events for children in the community